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This growing trend reflects a sea change in our nation’s attitudes towards cannabis, but legalization has deeper implications than simply the right to consume. For example, possessing up to an ounce of cannabis is now legal in several states, but what about the millions of arrests and the hundreds of thousands of convictions for possession that occurred before legalization? This very question has much of the discussion focused on criminal-justice reform—namely, our country’s failed policy of mass incarceration and its wide-ranging negative effects on individuals and communities.
— The Quandary of Legalization and Past Convictions

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The Riviera Maya is a top destination wedding location, second only to Paris. The industry thrives in a mutually beneficial relationship with the plethora of high-end, all-inclusive resorts, bright, historical haciendas, and picturesque beaches. So while the booming destination wedding industry indicates there is plenty of work, it also means there is plenty of competition.
— Wedding Photography in the Riviera Maya

Everything changed at the end of the Mexican Revolution in 1920; huge swaths of land which had previously belonged to the few were divided up, and Colonia Escandón began its development as a neighborhood. Nowadays, Escandón brings a historical and nostalgic feel to the big city. It has a simple and handsome allure to it, full of colorful buildings, family owned businesses, tree-lined streets, and 20th-century architecture styles.
— A Guide to Good Food in Colonia Escandon