content marketing writer

Content Marketing is essential for your business -- it drives inbound traffic, enhances SEO, and allows potential customers to get to know you a little bit. With my help, you can get more customers to your website and keep them there. 

My specialties include E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Culture, and Cannabis.

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Excellent copy sets you apart. Whether you need website content, a landing page, or product descriptions, compelling copy will make your brand distinct,  deliver an authentic message, and most importantly, convert.

I can help you launch a new website or update current copy to improve style, SEO, and conversion power

SEO copywriter

Academic articles, case studies, white papers, and e-books are just a few ways you can add value to your brand. This type of well-researched and sourced content educates your audience while establishing you as an expert in your field. 

  As an award-winning writer with a flair for the creative, I can showcase your know-how with authoritative acumen. 

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Certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses get people to take specific, measurable actions — driving them to make purchases or become sales leads. They are trained to write copy for offline media such as direct-mail letters, print ads, etc., as well as online marketing tactics such as emails, web pages, paid search ads.