I write shiny words so you don't have to.

content marketing writer

Content Marketing is essential for your business -- it drives inbound traffic, enhances SEO, and lets customers get to know you.  With my help, you can get more customers to your website and keep them there. 

My specialties include the Cannabis Industry, Flowers, Real Estate, E-commerce, Travel, Digital Marketing, and Finance.

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Set yourself apart with excellent copy -- whether it's a website, landing page, or product description, good copy will establish your brand as distinctive, deliver an authentic message, and, most importantly, convert.

I can help you launch a new website or update current copy to improve SEO and conversion power, without keyword stuffing.

SEO copywriter

Academic articles, case studies, white papers, and e-books are just a few ways you can educate and capture the attention of your audience.  As an award-winning writer with a flair for the creative, I can showcase your know-how with authoritative acumen. 

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