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pomona fresh website copy
HumYum was born with the intention to bring a touch of sweetness to Humboldt County & the world. From the very first caramel, we knew that our focus was to provide tasty confections that we, and you, can feel good about. We begin by sourcing local ingredients and using a small-batch, hand-crafted methodology. The result? An artisanal confection created with care for our tastebuds, bodies, and communities: small batch caramels made with real ingredients.
— HumYum About Us Page
Prime understands that a concise initial report is THE determining factor for cost-effective IMEs.
We maximize IME purchasing power through critical report optimization, clear communication, and focused inquiries. Our goal is to provide flawless IME reporting which benefits the examiner, the insurer, and the patient, the first time, every time.
— prIME Assessments Homepage
CR’s passion for Humboldt County is palpable, and his enthusiasm for Humboldt Made is equally evident: he is an active, forward-looking board member, confident that Humboldt Made has the potential to not only continue its upward course but go even further with other industry clusters. “There is a remarkably cooperative business community in Humboldt County, and in part it has to do with the fact we are located here. Place matters.”
— Humboldt Made Bio Page
An additional benefit of Prepaid Procurement Cards is the online cardholder portal which
can be used for streamlined management and expense reconciliation. This management
portal provides immediate online access to real-time, itemised statements, providing the utmost
transparency in procurement spending.
— Corporate Prepaid Card Solutions
The process of pineapple cultivation is laborious and requires dedication, knowledge, and patience. At Pomona Fresh™, each stage of cultivation is of vital importance. Much of the process cannot be automa
— Pomona Fresh "About Us" Page
At our core, we are art publishers. We started off printing and selling art thirty years ago, and soon grew to be wholesale art publishers—curating, printing, and selling pieces to big retail stores like Target, Walmart, and Kmart. In that time, we changed from just a simple printing press into a veritable printing powerhouse with cutting edge, print-on-demand capabilities. Today, our creative flock includes talented graphic designers, brilliant interior designers, fine artists, and hundreds of thousands of unpublished images.
— Printly888 "About Us" Page