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4 Types of Brand Haters…

We are not going to try and “figure out” these haters or justify or explain their behavior, because that is a different kind of article focused on feeling better about negative criticism. The goal here is to make use of these haters because nothing feels better (or is more motivating) than monetary gain from others’ vitriol or scathing critique based on their own misunderstanding.



The Quandary...

This growing trend reflects a sea change in our nation’s attitudes towards cannabis, but legalization has deeper implications than simply the right to consume. For example, possessing up to an ounce of cannabis is now legal in several states, but what about the millions of arrests and the hundreds of thousands of convictions for possession that occurred before legalization? This very question has much of the discussion focused on criminal-justice reform—namely, our country’s failed policy of mass incarceration and its wide-ranging negative effects on individuals and communities.


Flowers of the Dead

It is believed that marigold's bright colors and attractive scent guide dead souls back to their familial altars. In some communities, people build a path of marigolds from their homes to their loved one's tombstone, in order that the deceased may easily find their way back home again.


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Music & DEmentia

Music is inextricable from the human experience — humans have not only been creating music for millennia, we’ve been fascinated with why we make it for centuries.Perhaps this is why a recent study by Geriatrics & Gerontology International has shown some not-so-surprising results: Music can have positive impact on individuals living with dementia.