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The most important marketing tool you can possess is the ability to tell your story with original and compelling content.  My aim is to engage and educate with the use of authentic and consistent language, clear copy, and eye-catching visuals.

Farm & Flower

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It is believed that marigold’s bright colors and attractive scent guide dead souls back to their familial altars. In some communities, people build a path of marigolds from their homes to their loved one’s tombstone, in order that the deceased may easily find their way back home again.
— Flowers of the Dead
With the emergence of new and improved methods for growing and cultivating our food, flowers, and families, we now have the power to demand sustainable practices in partnership with incredible quality. Consumers are consistently asking, ‘How was this grown?’
— Dirt Makes the Difference

Digital Marketing & Finance

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Finance Content Writer
The proper tone of voice can breathe life into your emails, as well as express your brand’s unique personality. This kind of appropriately distinct tone can encourage desirable emotional responses in your audience, and according to psychologist Dr. Mary Lamia, these kinds of emotional responses drive the decisions that we humans make. Before you figure out what your tone will be, and how you will cultivate it, you must first pin down who your intended audience is and what you want them to do.
— What Tone Should You Use in Your Email Messaging

Lifestyle and Health & Wellness

A Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) can occur due to several reasons: either the region is geographically remote, the demographic is low-income, or there is an institutional malfunction (lacking a comprehensive health center). These barriers to care make a big impact. In fact, out of the 45 million American adults who have a mental illness, less than 25% have received treatment.
— Telemental Health