About Me

Hi, I'm Colleen.  

I'm a freelance writer with a background in get-up-and-go.

It all started at the age of 20 — I left school to volunteer with a heroin rehab clinic in South Wales, and over the course of that year my worldview was up-ended and my perspective expanded.  

I returned to California to continue my exploration into humankind, culture, and society, and finished with a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology.  My desire to see and to know persisted, and over the next 8 years I traveled through the US, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and North Africa.  In 2011, motivated to learn Spanish, I moved to Mexico City to study by way of total immersion.

Mexico City is where the intersection of my past experiences, education, and life's gratification came together, and I began writing professionally.  First, as copywriter for a small pineapple company, and later, writing blogs, web copy, headlines, and social media content for B2B and B2C companies from around the world.

Today, I'm based in Northern California, where I strive to leave no stone unturned as I help individuals and businesses tell their stories.  

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Does your business need its story told? Drop me a line if you have questions or a specific project in mind.


The Writing Spider

A spider can produce several kinds of thread. She uses a dry, tough thread for foundation lines, and she uses a sticky thread for snare lines — the ones that catch and hold.
— E.B. White

Like the spider in Charlotte's Web, I aim to write words that are functional in scope and charming in style.   

In the E.B. White story, Charlotte begins to weave words into her web to save Wilbur from the slaughterhouse.  Her messages turn the spotlight on the "terrific" pig, earning him the attention and adoration of the townsfolk. Eventually his owner decides against killing him; instead, he enters Wilbur in the local fair.

During all this, no one notices the weaver.

This is the goal of good copy—the message, product, and services are brought to the forefront, while the weaver sits back and smiles. 

the writing spider